A2 Size (42x60cm)

My favourite place to receive rejuvenation is the beach. It doesn’t matter what the weather, walking by the ocean, the sights and smells, calm or wild, it’s the best therapy.

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Because custom framing fine art photographs can be expensive, we decided to provide a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require glass or framing. Our prints are mounted to a lightweight composite board and a thin laminate is applied to protect the print from dust & UV rays and allows for gentle wiping without damaging the photo. The back of the print comes complete with a “french cleat” mount. This provides a secure mount with the photo attractively offset from the wall for a clean, modern look.

For those of you who would prefer to purchase a un-mounted photo for traditional framing or a different size print we have those available too.

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NOTE: purchased prints WILL NOT have the “Joyfully Captured” watermark.